About us

Welcome to our website, especially to all of those who having suffered the sudden death of a loved one are facing now the immense pain of that loss.


The event of death touches deeply the sensitivity of each of us; it is undoubtedly an extreme experience of detachment, a very difficult emotional tear, which in some cases can also have traumatic consequences.

Mourning is an absolutely personal and individual experience. The way you deal with the pain depends on many factors, including the different personality of each one, the uniqueness of life, the presence of a faith, and the nature of the loss. The grieving process takes time; it progresses gradually and cannot be hastened. It is not sensible to expect that it pass quickly, even because there is not such a thing like a “normal time” for bereavement.


Welcome also to those who are simply sensitive to these issues; who are interested in sharing their experiences or receiving education in order to give help to bereaved people.

De Leo Fund is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 by Cristina and Diego De Leo with Federica Zoppellaro and Arianna Caldon and a group of friends and volunteers (doctors, psychologists and other “survivors”). Its aim is to provide help and assistance to all those people who have suffered a sudden and violent loss as in case of a traffic accident, work-related accident, suicide, homicide, and natural disaster or due to human error.
We have embarked on this path because we firmly believe that it is useful for the process of mourning the sharing of stories, memories, experiences and feelings among people who are suffering the same pains, while making available their experience in a safe, empathetic and supportive environment. In this way, people may gain more ability to overcome their most difficult moments.
The work of mourning should not mean “let it go”, but it must be the process that permits to find ways to integrate the memories we have of the loved one and the legacy of emotions and experiences that left us so that, with the time, the loss may become less painful.
Concretely, what we do is to offer support to people who have lost a loved one in a traumatic way through a dedicated listening online, telephone helpline, personal interviews, mutual aid groups, a forum and an active live chat on our web-site.
In parallel, we organize regular training courses, workshops, and seminars, for health professionals and volunteers; we provide scholarships on a yearly basis and set up clinical research projects.