Our story

Foto di Nicola e Vittorio De LeoOur story begins with a tragic event – the scale of which  only the loss of a child can

Since 5 April 2005, Nicola and Vittorio are no longer with us.

With their deaths, the void has taken over our lives. Only the humanity and affection of the many people who have drawn closely around us has prevented our being lost in our pain. Thus  supported and guided,  we have tried to give a new meaning to our lives and to the projects  which we had nurtured together with our sons  up until that night.

And so the desire was born to transform our tragic experience into a source of aid for others: parents, children, relatives and friends who are suddenly forced to face the death of a loved one.

The creation of the association De Leo Fund in Padua was the way we’ll help preserve the memory of the joy of living of our children, their smiles and their hopes of young men.

Diego e Cristina