Skype Counselling


For us it is important to be able to help those who call seeking help.

This service, in fact, offers the possibility of receive distance psychological support through SKYPE calls on the change than you are unable to come to Padua office.

Psychologists will assess case by case the possibility of carrying out this type of distance counselling.

Which are:

  • Geographic distance
  • Serious health conditions or limited mobility 
  • for whom will reside abroad for a period of time.

These counselling sessions are totally free and being held by professionals, psychologists or doctors, specifically trained on  traumatic bereavement.

Skype is a free, high quality video conferencing program that allows us to see and hear each other using your computer and a webcam and microphone.  It also allows text.  Skype is free to download off the internet, easy to install and set up, is free of adware/malware/spyware etc and most importantly is confidential.  Skype is very easy to use to download and use.   You can download Skype from 

While it is possible to have direct access, we suggest that you request an appointment at our TOLL FREE NUMBER 800 168 678 or write in Chat.