Creative Lab

The Creative Lab ” Il laboratorio delle Idee” was launched within  De Leo Fund Onlus in March 2014.

The purpose of the project is to offer a meeting place where one can get in touch, cultivate own creativity but also be in a warm and welcoming environment. So a small group of women began to meet on a weekly basis for experimenting the manufacture of Christmas wreaths, candles and table centerpieces. This first attempt was a great success and turned into an annual Christmas event, which was called “A Hand Made Christmas“.


As soon as the Creative Lab was successful, it started experimenting with new projects.

One that makes us very proud of is “The Care of Life“. It started on November 2015 for the International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day. Survivor Day is  one day a year when people affected by suicide loss, gather around the world participating in events organised by local communities to find comfort and gain understanding, as they share stories of healing and hope. The idea was to realise knitted and crocheted colourful clothes for the trees because the tree is a symbol of life that is constantly renewed and reinvented by overcoming the cold season, in these case symbolically the season of pain and loss. ‘Warming’ trees with color means then having care of life in all its forms.

The first trees ‘dressed’ by the ladies of De Leo Fund Creative Lab were those of Piazza Garibaldi, in Padua, on November 2015. In 2016, the town of Abano Terme has requested us to make the arrangement of 28 trees.

We have been able to realise this great events because we met wonderful people who enthusiastically support us in these initiatives.

A heartfelt thanks to Regina Bertipaglia and her company, Nastrificio Victor. With whose yarns are covered our “trees”.

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