This Forum is a virtual meeting place where people gather to share stories, to express ideas and emotions, to seek comfort in sharing painful experiences such as the traumatic death of a loved one. We have dedicated this page to encouraging you to meet, greet, share and support with others. We hope you consider joining this bereavement and grief online support network. By taking the first step to help yourself by searching for assistance online, then furthering your exploration by finding this bereavement and grief support network shows that you are ready to feel better. 

Our Forum

The term “traumatic grief” unites two concepts, that of mourning and that of traumatic death, and describes the pain for the loss of a loved one caused by a sudden, unexpected and violent, death such as those due to road accidents or work-related accidents, murders, natural disasters.
The same category also includes the death due to suicide; however, to such a delicate issue we have dedicated a special section of our Forum in order to allow for as much freedom as possible in dealing with conceptual and emotional knots that in suicide are present in different ways than in other traumatic deaths.

In our Forum you’ll find the stories of people living with the suffering caused by a traumatic loss who try to find new ways to deal with their own life and sorrow. This is a space for those who feel the urge to share their experiences, their thoughts and their emotions but it is also a place where you can just read the story of others.


Within the forum you will find:

A space dedicated to experiences and stories of people who have lost their own dear to traumatic death.

A specific space for those people who have lost a loved one due to suicide. This distinction is made to offer room for the emergence of particular themes that characterize these two kinds of mourning differently.

In addition to forum users, answering your doubts or simply listening to your story, you will find an association worker. Sometimes life is torn by sudden events that cause such fractures to make it difficult to move on. It’s important to know that despite suffering, you can survive and lead a significant life.