De Leo Fund Award 2021

The De Leo Fund Award honours the memory of Nicola and Vittorio, the beloved children of Professor Diego De Leo, IASP Past President. The Award is offered to distinguished scholars in recognition of their outstanding research on suicidal behaviours carried out in developing countries.

Members of the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) are invited to nominate suitable persons for the De Leo Fund Award. Nominees do not necessarily have to be IASP members however Nominators must be current IASP members. Self-nomination is permitted. Award Committee members are not permitted to make nominations.
Candidate should not be nominees for any other IASP Award in the current round.

The Award is open to mid-career researchers (no more than 20 years from graduation) who:

  • have performed (most of) their research in a low- or middle-income country (as defined
    by the World Bank) and
  • who have a deserved reputation for outstanding research in the field of suicidology, as
    evidenced by the quality of publications in leading peer-reviewed journals that significantly
    contribute to our understanding/knowledge of suicidal behaviour and/or to suicide
    prevention.(All potential candidates must be currently active in the field.)


Prof. Diego De Leo | Email:

Please send your nomination directly to Prof Diego De Leo, Chairperson of the De Leo Fund  Award Committee and attach a brief summary (CV) of why your nominee is deserving of the Award
DEADLINE: 15th JUNE 2021