IRIS PROJECT – The communication of unexpected and violent death

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De Leo Fund cooperates with University of Padova’s “Dipartimento di Psicologia Generale” (Prof. Sabrina Cipolletta) in the IRIS Project, which studies the theme of the communication of unexpected and violent death. The Sindacato Autonomo di Polizia Nazionale (SAP) also supports the Project.

What does “unexpected and violent death” means? 
It is an event that comes from external causes and hits without notice.  It may be due to suicide, homicide, accidents at work or on the streets, natural disasters. 

What is the notification of death? 
It’s the communication of the decease of a beloved one which comes from professional roles such as medical doctors, nurses, police officers, firemen.

Who is involved in the process of the notification of death ? 

Both those who provide the notification and those who lost a beloved one. IRIS Project rises from the stories of the people who experienced firsthand the communication of violent and unexpected death: professional roles who provided the news and people who received it.

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