Survivors of Suicide Support Groups

For every suicide there are often many family members, friends and colleagues who are affected. While individuals work through their personal anguish differently, some aspects of suicide bereavement are common due to the stigma often associated with suicide.

When someone dies by suicide, those bereaved often experience a very complicated form of grief caused by a combination of sudden shock, unanswered questions of ‘Why?’ and feelings of ‘What could I have done?’. They may experience a range of emotions highlighting the dramatic personal effect suicide can have and the important but difficult task of helping someone bereaved by suicide.


De Leo Fund Adolescenti


If you are dealing with the suicide of a friend or loved one, it is important to find support to make sense of what has happened, deal with the grief and learn how to live with your loss..

In many cases those bereaved by suicide do not know where to turn for help or how to find support that may already exist. De Leo Fund onlus provides a reliable Suicide bereavement group.

This AMA (mutual help) group is currently running and it is  a meeting point between people with similar problems who meet to give support, practical advice, and encouragement. Within the group participants find a place to be welcomed without judgment.

This group is active all year round.

They welcome up to 8-10 participants. They take place once every two weeks for an hour and a half. In the group there is the participation of a psychologist with the aim to create a climate of serenity and confidence without any judgement.

 Participation in our group is completely FREE

However, it is necessary to call our Tall Number (800 – 168 678) to set up an appointment where we will evaluate together if this experience can suit your needs.