The De Leo Fund Award



Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) has created the De Leo Fund Award, offered to distinguished scholars in recognition of their outstanding research on suicidal behaviours carried out in developing countries.

It is now time to look for worthy candidates!

Members of IASP are invited to nominate suitable persons for the De Leo Fund Award. It is for the person who in the view of the award committee has contributed significantly to developing suicide research in a developing country.  Nominees do not necessarily have to be IASP members.

To be eligible for the De Leo Fund Award, candidates should demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Be born in a developing country;
  • Have performed their research in a developing country;
  • Be a young/mid career researcher (no more than 20 years from graduation), with a prevailing interest in research in the field of suicide;
  • Be able to demonstrate, through publications in internationally indexed journals, their competence in the field of suicide;
  • Not to be a current nominee for any other IASP Award.

I am the Chair of the assessment committee, and this year I am helped by Michel Tousignant (Canada), Stephane Amadeo (French Polynesia), Loraine Barnaby (Jamaica) and Eugene Kinyanda (Uganda). Eugene has been the winner of the 2011 edition of the award, which was given to him in Beijing, on occasion of the IASP Congress.

Together with my fellow members, I hope that you may know someone that you would like to nominate. The deadline for nominations is 15th June 2019. Nominations and CV should be sent directly to me, as chair of the award committee.

Thank you in advance for your kind attention.

Kindest regards


Diego De Leo AO