A supportive HEART for “La Cura della Vita”

“No man ever dies as long as someone remembers him”.  U. Foscolo

De Leo Fund Onlus provides free psychological support to “survivors” – those who suffer for the loss of a beloved one – in order to help them going through the traumatic experience of the bereavement. Nurturing the beauty of the relationship, the Laboratorio Creativo designed, with love and hope, a cure for life.

Moms, sisters and wives who survived a traumatic mourning joined the volunteers and the city of Vo’ Euganeo to plan an artistic event to commemorate the first victim of the terrible Covid-19 pandemic.


The amount of help’s request blew up last year, given the pandemic situation. The Laboraotrio Creativo’s women were eager to express closeness to all of them who lost a beloved one because of the virus. Since they could not met because of the lockdown’s rules, they knitted separately to produce crochet doilies they could then merge in a giant crochet heart.      

14 women, 26.000 wire’s meters and 1.200 hours to knit a 20mq’s heart!

Vo’ Euganeo also cooperated to the project, being the first city in Italy to suffer the loss of a citizen caused by Covid-19. A giant, tricolor heart has been exposed on the city hall as a symbol of closeness and solidarity. 

18th March, Bergamo

Heart has always been considered to be the emotional hub, the most lively feature of the individual, the place where the spirit and the body meet. Given its universal value and the colors it is made of, it’s a pleasure to see De Leo Fund’s Giant Heart host by Bergamo, hardly hit by the pandemic in its first phase. Nobody will ever erase the heartbreaking memory of the army trucks filled with coffins. We hope the wandering Heart may become a symbol of solidarity and fraternity linked to the people who’s not here anymore, regardless of the place.